You know it's Christmas time
people losing their heads
But I been waiting for the fat guy
wearing all red

He'll bust up on your roof
tearing up your shingles
you talking bout the Kool-Aid Man?
Nah, my boy K. Ringle!

"I'm talking bout my boy K. Ringle" + vocal trail by Molly & Emily

I met this cute little elf
and the minute that I seen her
I knew she was cool
Like a Funky Cold Medina

What up Santa
Thanks for coming to meet us
All I want for Christmas

I gotta go to the mall
Gotta sit on his lap
I'm like 12 years old
Ain't got time for that

I'm bout to deck the halls
and my bells about to jingle
Who I'm talking about?
You know my boy K. Ringle!

Repeat Chorus

We three kings of
Orient are
about to rock the house
Like Pat Benitar

If Santa fell out of his sleigh
by chance
You know he would be saved
By his parachute pants

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Comment by Mike Chappell on September 26, 2012 at 9:03am so much of this! One thing to keep in mind is that we don't learn of his name until the dialogue between "Santa" and the boys. One thought is do a short "reprise" after the boys leave ...and that's when we could use the "K. Ringle" phrases.

Some things that were mentioned in the novel that could easily be put into this song are:

"Silly Putty"; "Sea Monkeys"; "pogo stick"; "ring pops" baseball glove" rubber band gun" "glow in the dark yo yo"; and of course Air Jammer Road Rammer which was "the hottest toy of the year"...and, of course, these could be a part of "What I want for Christmas" too. 

Comment by Mike Chappell on September 26, 2012 at 9:14am

Retraction! Ringle isn't introduced until the boys meet him at the hospital...sooo...this got me thinking how cool it could be if these little "Ringle Raps" ...little phrases are scattered throughout the nurses, doctors, add a bit of "mystery and magic" to the whole scenario of "Is Ringle Really Santa?"...just a thought!


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